About us

About Us

SportGuruji is the best platform for those who love sports. We are the best sports prediction channel having a team of well-skilled technicians, writers and analysts. We mainly cover sports information and match updates.  In order to offer sports predictions and previews, we have got involved in various researches.

Our experts are very active and maintain the website to be dynamic. We are taking pride in offering researched and insightful sports predictions, opinions and updates to satisfy the sports fans. We, SportGuruji  almost cover all kinds of global level sports like football, cricket, hockey, kabaddi, NBA and some more.  

We have easily got recognition from the global audience due to our service and extraordinary features. Day by day, the visitors to our site have been getting increased. The main reason is because of our 100% accurate results.

Our major features:

  • Interesting Fantasy Teams

Here you can find the synchronous and well-balanced methods to help users to earn more points or scores during their contests. Through the fantasy team, one can able to set their gaming process and upcoming matches.

  • Detailed Player Biographies

Constantly, the detailed biographies of players from all kinds of sports will be updated and maintained to the next level. In this process, the dynamic list is getting increased with more details that get integrated.

  • Accurate Match Predictions

More number of tournaments and competitions has been covered across the different sports. Regularly, you can find more match predictions from the experts. Almost it will be accurate.

  •  Clear Sports and Industry News

Most important and the breaking stories or news from the sports will be regularly updated and you can use that chance effectively. Along with the sports, you can also able to get the hot news from the promising industry of fantasy sports.

  • In-Depth Match Previews

Attention to the in-depth and detail analysis will be given based on available facts. Detailed match previews have been loaded with more number of useful information. If you ever missed your live match, then through our preview, you can watch everything.